Never say ever again – new album out now!

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Now my album Never say ever again is released. You can stream it through the most common music distribution services. Here are a few examples: Spotify: Apple: For downloads and CD:s, just visit my online music store, this way. Hope you like it  

Teaser from my new album

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Well my new album Never say ever again will be released on Friday this week (the 19 of October). Today, though, you can hear a teaser on Americana Hoghways music site. This i what they write: “The song is lyrically catchy as it provides encouragement to avoid dwelling on the troubles we face.  Instead, it […]

We survived the errorist attack

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Hi! Just saying that we’re OK here in Sweden, as far as I can see. As you know, we were hit by an errorist attack from the so called president of the United Fakes. Yes, we’ve been laughing at it, but it’s still terrible to hear about such ignorance. #stoperrorism #unitedfakes #alternativefacts #fakenews  

New songs – keep’em coming

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Last time I updated my blog I was recovering from the christmas-flu, starting to have a some good creative ideas for new songs and recordings. Now, a couple of weeks later I can see the results of that. I’ve gotten into a decent song writing mode and I’m starting to visualize a new album – still only inside […]

Crashing into christmas – again

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As always when the christmas holidays approach, I seem to have a lot of plans for that extra calm space resting from everyday stress – hopefully finding some time for creative stuff. And as always, when it finally comes, I just tend to be crashing into christmas being capable to practically nothing except laying in the […]