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JAnne Saaristo in the song booth.
This is me recording some song for my forthcoming album.

My name is Janne Saaristo and I’m a musician who never quit my day job. In April 2015 I’ve got myself a record deal and while producing the album I’ve also been writing this blog telling about the process.

What is there to tell then? I mean except the therapy? Well, good question. Maybe it could be interesting to hear what triggers a 42 year old full time working family father to spend his precious spare time writing, recording, talking his fellow musicians in to assist him during his studio sessions – all while knowing that there might not be any interest at all on the music when it’s released – despite the record deal. Or maybe not – that’s up to you.

However, for me this project is channel for my creativity. I have been involved in a lot of fun projects through the years. And my job as an Art Director at a content marketing agency is highly creative. But lately I have had a lot of creative ideas, and now I feel ready to launch this kind of project on my own. We’ll see if this is just a crazy idea, I mean, we’ll see how crazy this idea is.

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    1. Thank’s for your advice! I promise to practice regularly, but I’m afraid I have to set my goal a little bit later in life than becoming a singer at 11 yrs. Hope that’s OK.

  1. We likewise like to sing or dance along with personalities we view
    on TV as well as several of us even copy their moving steps and singing designs.

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