Crashing into christmas – again

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As always when the christmas holidays approach, I seem to have a lot of plans for that extra calm space resting from everyday stress – hopefully finding some time for creative stuff. And as always, when it finally comes, I just tend to be crashing into christmas being capable to practically nothing except laying in the […]

She came along to me – live

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    Here’s a little new year’s update from a past concert, Me and my band plays Woody Guthries old, anti-facist song She came along to me. If you like the song, here’s some other versions of it available online. First an acoutsic take in video format from 2015. And the version available on my album, […]

John Prine

We need to talk about John Prine

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Last week I heard the news that John Prine will visit my hometown for a concert next spring. For me he is one of the greatest musical inspirations there is. But since I reckon there are rather many people, I would say too many, that haven’t heard of him at all. On the other hand […]

Vancouver might be just my kind of town

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Before the US presidental election, I was having a 20 years old song by Steve Earle, Christmas in Washington playing in my mind. The song is a reflection of the 1996 presidental election when Bill Clinton was about to start his second term as president of the United States. The main phrase from the song repeating itself in […]

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan just disrupted the novel industry

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What have Bob Dylan got to do with dynamite? I don’t know, more than that he’s known for having a short fuse. However, on October 13th, his name blew up the whole industry of critics and writers in the novel industry, with some help from the money of the inventor of dynamite, of course. The Nobel Prize award […]

My songs: “The other side”

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The other side tells a rather personal story. It spans from my late teen years to present. It shows some momentary phases of my life where I have been frustarted for some reason, on the bottom line I guess, the same reason: some kind of desire of seeking something new, and having to fight for it. All three […]

A reveiw in Dutch

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Not just Belgians, now I have got another fine review on my album. This time it’s the Dutch online music magazine In Dutch of course – but that’s no problem, is it? Read the review here. If you still haven’t read the review in the Belgian altcountry magazine, here’s that link – go ahead […]