The start of something new

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Have you ever got the feeling you just don’t feel for doing something? Even if you really want, you kind of feel that you just can’t find the energy for it. Or maybe you even feel you’re just not able to do something you know you can. That seems to have happened for me with my […]

Side by side, from aside

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Yesterday I took a day off to join my daughter who participates in the international Side by side music festival held in town this week (here’s more info about it). There has been a lot said about the initiative behind this great gathering. In short though, it is an open festival for amateur and professional choirs […]

A great review in Belgium

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I got a great review in Belgian online magazine I think it was great at least, after driving the review through Google translate. Or was it even my album. I mean, the album cover was really familiar, but due to google translate the album name was “Child of Angered”. Click here to read the review. […]

One year with a record deal

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Time flies, and still it feels like a universe of time that has passed since I started this blog proclaiming I had got myself a record deal. In clock-time it has been exactly one year today. And it has been a trembling year for sure. The start-up with my first post, where I promised to make […]

Back home safe, happy but tired

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We’ll now I’m back home from London I’m tired but happy after two club shows, and a couple of days off, doing the tourist thing. Summarizing it I think it all went rather well. To start with I’m really happy with the performances and I felt I connected with the audience. This was a wonderful and […]

I’m off to London

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Tomorrow Wednesday, and the day after I will play in London. It’s my first time playing in the UK, except for being a substitute bass player once for Pinto, making two shows in Liverpool, one at the legendary Cavern. But going alone to make two club concerts by myself in London is something completely different. […]

My songs: “The entrance”

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“The entrance” is heavily influenced by the American storytelling tradition visible in country music.  I wanted to tell the story in such general way that anyone could identify with it and to avoid losing edge it had to be honest and show myself when being weak. It is about when you have longed for something […]

Virtual reality check

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Being a hobby musician trying to reach out is not always a walk in the park – if ever… But sometimes you get a reality check to point out your misery right in your eye, as if regular resistance of the system of keeping everyone in their place wouldn’t be enough. It’s not just the feeling […]

The stories of my songs

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Here’s my new section where you can read about my thoughts of the songs on my album Kind of Angered. It’s a short therapy session on each song. I will publish new songs by and by. Here’s whats up right now:   My songs: “The other side” My songs: “The entrance” My songs: “Popsong”