What’s left to record

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Now it’s been a while again since the last update on the recordings. You might think that I’ve been busy making a video and promoting it on Youtube, but not just that, I have also made quite some progress with my recordings. I just failed updating about it on my blog. It’s really starting to […]

Pedal to the metal

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Now it’s just full speed ahead for me with the recordings. And what a ride then. I am overwhelmed by the help on the drums, and can’t even think how it would have been without them. And the other day I also got some help with steel-guitar on a couple of songs by Gunnar Frick – […]

Let there be bass

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It’s time to pick up the bass and refresh my skills from the past. I used to play the bass for a couple of years in my former band Hanif. That time I learned lots of things. Not that much about the technical possibilities of the instrment. But I definitely became a lot better musician in terms of […]

I have found a drummer

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Now i have proceeded a bit more with the recordings. I’ve found out that I could use the voice-over booth at work for the vocals. It’s somehow isolated, and it has a Neumann microphone in it – what can go wrong. Well, maybe the phenomenon that you’ll never get happy with your own voice. Some vocal […]

Inventory of equipment

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Even if I don’t have the ultimate resources for making an album, at least I have some equipment to record my music. It’s mainly stuff that’s co-owned with my former band members in Hanif, with who we once made a full length album on our own (click here to listen if you’re curious). I know […]