Teaser from my new album

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Well my new album Never say ever again will be released on Friday this week (the 19 of October). Today, though, you can hear a teaser on Americana Hoghways music site. This i what they write: “The song is lyrically catchy as it provides encouragement to avoid dwelling on the troubles we face.  Instead, it […]

A reveiw in Dutch altcountry.nl

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Not just Belgians, now I have got another fine review on my album. This time it’s the Dutch online music magazine altcountry.nl. In Dutch of course – but that’s no problem, is it? Read the review here. If you still haven’t read the review in the Belgian altcountry magazine rootstime.be, here’s that link – go ahead […]

A great review in Belgium

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I got a great review in Belgian online magazine Rootstime.be. I think it was great at least, after driving the review through Google translate. Or was it even my album. I mean, the album cover was really familiar, but due to google translate the album name was “Child of Angered”. Click here to read the review. […]