Back home safe, happy but tired

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We’ll now I’m back home from London I’m tired but happy after two club shows, and a couple of days off, doing the tourist thing.

Summarizing it I think it all went rather well. To start with I’m really happy with the performances and I felt I connected with the audience. This was a wonderful and useful experience. I mean, making two shows in London doesn’t automatically make people run to your show, and I wasn’t exactly expecting that. I was prepared for the most un-fancy clubs with a completely uninterested audience – if any at all. And I can’t say the clubs were too crowded, and netither were the venues’ planned due to artist comfort – one of them had no room to store my guitar case during the show, so I had it in a corner where no one sat, beside the stage, aka the area on the floor designated for the backline.

But the people attending your show, doesn’t know and care even less, what your preparations have been. You only got your slot on stage to make an impression, and by then you have to be prepared whatever support you get on site. I’m really glad I knew that, and didn’t need to pay any attention coping with that, but fully focusing on positive things, and the fact that I had the chance to do something I had never done before, and trying to think I might get the chance to get back if I’m good now.

So I just had to ignore having no chance to warm up or relax before the show, and just go with the flow even though I had had busy at my regular work conference, and stressing to get in time to pick up my rented guitar, and then making it to the venue in time. And the kick from having the chance to do my own songs in London sure helped me get the right amount of adrenalin to focus on doing my best possible shows I could ever do.

Cause connecting with people is essential. Without that it wouldn’t matter how many people there ever might be in the audience. And my goal was to meet at least some people that would become interested in my music. That way it would be worth coming back trying to reach out to more people. That’s the way you have to go – you got to start somewhere. And fortunately I already had request for coming back, but at the moment I can’t tell when I will be able.

While back home waiting for that opportunity I will just start slowing down to get back to normal mode after a wonderful trip. But maybe I once in a while will be doing it by watching this live broadcast from the show: