Vancouver might be just my kind of town

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Before the US presidental election, I was having a 20 years old song by Steve Earle, Christmas in Washington playing in my mind. The song is a reflection of the 1996 presidental election when Bill Clinton was about to start his second term as president of the United States. The main phrase from the song repeating itself in my head was “getting into gear for four more years of things not getting worse”. This of course assuming that it would be another Clinton making everything she can to maintain a political status quo.

Well, it got worse. Now instead I have a song by The Flying Burrito Brothers in my head: My uncle. It’s about a young man receiving a letter from the draft board, which he doesn’t seem fair. That’s why he’s “heading for the nearest foreign border – Vancouver might be just my kind of town”. And at the same time I haven’t agreed more with Steve Earle when he’s begging Woody Guthrie, Emma Goldman, Joe Hill, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to come back. So come on!

Listen to My Uncle

Listen to Christmas in Washington