Crashing into christmas – again

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As always when the christmas holidays approach, I seem to have a lot of plans for that extra calm space resting from everyday stress – hopefully finding some time for creative stuff. And as always, when it finally comes, I just tend to be crashing into christmas being capable to practically nothing except laying in the sofa digesting popular culture on TV. And if possible, this christmas got worse when I got a cold that barely left me energy enough to even get to the sofa to watch feelgood rom-coms while the brief hours of daylight passes by.

Luckily, I had some compensation hours to use at work, so I managed to get two weeks off, and this second week I’m fit for fight again, trying to get the engine running to get creative again. And I think the week between christmas and new year at least made me stress down, and thinking slower thoughts can sometimes open up your mind for creative ideas.

But laying down, I was also reflecting on how this all happened – again. I mean, ideally, you should be able to have a normal everyday pace allowing some tops and some downs, making it possible to regain energy after something spectacular, or shouldn’t you? At least if you’re not hobby musician on top of your daytime job. But the problem these last two-three months is that I’va had less energy than for a long time to my own projects.

One reason is of course that I’ve been involved in some intense projects, taking more time than planned. And as you may know, this blog is all about finding the creative space in minimal amounts of spare time slots in everyday life – here’s an article discussing that topic. But what’s been different this fall is that I’ve been more involved as a project manager, which obviously eats your creative brain up. Not only did I need to learn how to run an ad campaign, but also due to high expectations form people involved, I wasn’t able just decide when enough was enough, due to working hours.

And having these structural and creative issues running around in my head even after working hours, I ended up focusing on making it til christmas while still standing. And I did, but that was pretty much all I did. I guess, when working more strictly with hands on design stuff, I tend to be able to limit the creative challenges and to jump between different projects, than if you compare to when tying to have an overall view on a full campaign.

But hey, I not all down. Knowing from experience, that when your head’s all up in creative challenges, you can still use your spare moments for un-creative stuff. and after all, I have made some progress with my website. I have implemented a webshop, and you can also get a free song to download if you sign up for my newsletter that will soon be in the mailboxes of my friends hanging around here.

And last but not least – I have implemented a “Follow me on Spotify” -button all over my website so that you easily can follow me (please do so!!!)