Crashing into christmas

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Mats Thölin (left) and Per Grehn, two of my great friends singing on my album.
Mats Thölin (left) and Per Grehn, two of my great friends and colleagues singing on my album.

Like many creative projects, my recordings have lately been a roller-coaster ride between heaven and hell. I’ve ran into the flue, short deadlines at work, badly timed and terribly executed renovation at home, forcing me to pack down my mixing console – twice.  All this causing a lot of stress and a lack of blog-writing inspiration. I’m sorry for that!

But I also know from working creatively for a long time, that when it happens, you can only sit down in the boat and wait for the storm to pass and as much as possible, do what you can mechanically to proceed until you get your inspiration back. And this time is no exception when it comes to that.

I guess I somehow lost my way my way when we decided to postpone the launch of my album, not saying the decision wasn’t right to do. I had a great boost of energy and inspiration throughout the whole summer, recording, playing live and writing about it. When I still didn’t make it due to plan, I found doubt. Does anyone care anyway? Why should I be any different from any other sad white guy writing about life from their privilliged point of view?

I still don’t know for sure, but I sure have got a lot of encouragement from people I’ve met IRL during this period, and that is really appreciated not only during times like this. Thank’s a lot!

And while sitting down in the boat, I have learned, there is another thing you can do while waiting for better times: starting another creative project! That way you’ll get loads of creative energy doing something different. And that’s what I did. I wrote and recorded a completely new song. A christmas single about how we stress too much and don’t even have time to get any feeling for the holidays.

I admit, it was a terrible thing to do, while being so stressed up as I’ve been, but it was really a creative boost. And no one can say I don’t know what I sing about in the song. My christmas single will be released on December 4th, and I’m looking forward to hear your view on it.

When I closed the christmas song and got back to the rest of the songs, I found them fresh again, even though I had much left to do and a little time left to deadline. Even though the album won’t be released until late January/early February, my record company wants the album to be finished and delivered on December 1st – which is on Tuesday next week (!).

That means, the last few weeks have been a rush trying to make the last recordings and to get up the mixing speed. One of the sessions were spent an evening at my work, with my great colleagues Mats Thölin and Per Grehn. They have been helping me with backing vocals on three songs. Anthoer colleague with a beautiful voice is Lina Skafvenstedt (sometimes it’s great to work among an overflow of creative people), who I managed to record on one song before her baby decided to come out and experience the world.

I have also got help from my brother, Kai Saaristo and fellow musician Andreas Magnusson on a couple of songs, making the material a bit more multi-voiced. I promise, there’s enough of me on the album anyway.

But since I didn’t make it on more songs with Lina (she sure has more urgent priorities than my recordings right now) I’m currently short of female backing vocals on one song. Actually that’s the last thing to record.

Meanwhile the mixing has proceeded song by song, and there are only two songs left to mix. And on Monday next week I have scheduled my mastering guy to be ready to give his professional touch on my technically stumbling mixes. And then I should be ready to go.

If it wasn’t for the album cover, title, order of songs, registering the rights of the songs, plannign for a release gigs. I guess I will be crashing into christmas – just like I will be singing on my next single. Keep your eyes open for that!