Entering the studio

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My home studio

After sobering up I have started to realize what I gotten myself into. Started at least. Now I’ preparing for my first studio sessions – in a wardrobe at home. 

Having managed to get the contract, there’s just everything else left to do. When bragging on the pub, I had almost a great album finalized, and that might be a bit in the direction of the truth if you said the album is in my head. Because I actually have a lot of great ideas, and I actually have some new songs written – at least almost completely. And I even have some acoustic guitar tracks recorded. But it would be problematic to share my thoughts every time some one wants to know how it sounds – especially since I tend to change my mind about the ideas quite frequently.

So there’s no turning back now. I just have to work hard to make the music come out of my head, and land safely in some more convenient format.

So, I hear you say, why don’t you just write the damned songs and record them? I will, but I can’t do just that. I also have to find some musicians to help me, because you don’t want me to play the drums for instance. And since I found out that the record deal doesn’t include any payments in advance I will have to continue my daytime work. And that decreases the amount of recordable hours of a day. Not to mention that I have a family that I also want to meet once in a while…

And I also have to find a studio to actually record the album, since the record deal leaves me to pay for the production myself. Luckily I have some mobile recording equipment to use, wherever I may find a place to be undisturbed for a while.

For the acoustic guitar I have found a little shack at home. In a small wardrobe under the stairs. It is so stuffed with clothes and other things, mainly textile, which makes it quite good from an acoustic point of view. And luckily I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, which makes it a quite good recording booth – unless someone walks the stairs, that is.

That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you recognise some off beat bumps in the background of my songs. It’s most likely someone who’s forgotten that daddy’s recording.



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