Far from me – Satisfaction Quarantine

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As a tribute to John Prine, I’m recording one of his songs, together with som of my music friends. Or not together – socially distanced. The set up is simply like this:

Every musician make their recordnings, capture it on tape and on camera. After every session the current status of the recording process is published.

On May 7th, 9.00pm CET, the final result, as a music video, will be broadcasted from this Facebook event.

So, stay tuned and make sure to return to this page to see updates towards final mix of the song.

Take 4 – Electric guitars

Mats Lerneby is a multi-talented artist ranging from writing books to making sad songs in a post-punk/brit-pop style. So why not ask him to use his 12 -stringed Schecter, Wayne Hussey edition, to record some lovely harmonies?


Take 3 – Drums and percussion

Andreas Purvén has played the drums on all my recordings as a solo artist. This project is no exception. As usual, he’s making his mark on the song. It was his idea to play the drums in a slower beat. In my head I had an idea of making the song mor uptempo. And I’m really glad that Andreas did it his way. A better way I think.


Take 2 – bass and backing vocals

Sebastian Sandberg has been playing the bass on my live shows the last year. He was the first one to add new tracks to the production. After recording the bass, he also made a solid take of backing vocals.

Take 1 – acoustic guitar and vocals

The first tracks to be recorded was my own part, acoustic guitar and lead vocals. Both were recorded simultaneously and what the viewers don’t see in the film, was that it took a while of practising in order to get it right. What most viewers either might recognize is that I have earplugs with a refernce click-sound to play with. This is helpful when recording the first additional instruments, such as drums and bass. If you look closely, you’ll see that one of the earplugs fell off during the recording, but i managed to finish the take with just one earplug. But i might just look a bit stressed in the end, fearing I might just need  to start all over – again…

Click below to see the result.