First single available on Friday

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It’s getting closer to a release now. Even if I’ve had a felling of being quite close a complete album there just seems to be things to take care of behind every bend. I cannot say I’ve had any major backlashes, but it is difficult enough to finish things up anyhow.

One of those difficult things are defining a song completely recorded. I have some takes still to make, but five songs are completed. The next chance for hesitation is mixing the songs. I have had the raw-mixes running in my earphones for a while with versions getting more built up by and by.

But now when started with the mixing of the first songs, I have directed each instrument past all plugin effects in my computer straight into my mixing console. There they have become great instead of okay. The equalizer is superior the one in Protools and the overall sound through the mixer gives the songs the extra push I was ever hoping for. Nevertheless, mixing is an eternal struggle of getting the vague feelings and tiniest details in balance without forgetting to let your most original gut-feeling be in charge – no matter what fantastic vintage-hissy-authenticsound-yada-yada gear you might have, it’s never easy.

An extra dimension in my case is that, at this stage, I’m so deeply involved that I have a hard time getting an overall image of the material. I tend to hear stuff that might not be too obvious in the current mix, while it is very obvious in the back of my mind and so on.

Another distractive moment, if that’s a proper word, is that I wish to get a live set together. First for the Live at Heart festival next weekend. I will play there on both Friday and Saturday on my own. But later on I hope I can book some live gig where I can bring a full band. Until then I have to practice in order to be on track til my solo gigs, which I’m really excited about..

So the single to be released on Friday is badly timed in some ways, but as I’ve said over and over again, there is no half speed in this project. Full speed or nothing. And releasing my first single is very exciting too. It’s the first chance to get reactions from all you who have been patient following my blog and everyone else who might find int interesting. After all, releasing the material is the moment I’ve been waiting for. And a teaser like this is the next best thing, I suppose.

With this first song, The Entrance I have made it all the way through knowing it will be possible to finish it all up, even though I wouldn’t make it til the end of September. But now I know have a glimpse of how good it can sound when finished. Because I can asure you that I’m really proud of the result (I have heard it 😉 ). At least this first song turned out as good as I could ever have dreamed.