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There are quite some questions coming up on this blog. Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Who the hell is Janne Saaristo anyway?

Janne Saaristo is a quite normal guy in most ways. He’s 42 years old and lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. He works as an Art Director at a content marketing agency. Janne has been playing in different bands since he was fifteen years old and, what the hell… Read more here

Is Gothenburg even a real place, or is it just made up, just like Gotham City or Gettysburg and Ginsberg?

Gothenburg is a real place. It is located on the west coast of Sweden. The reason you might not have heard about it is that there’s not that much to tell. Even though it is the second largest town in Sweden there are only half a million people living in it. Is it known for anything at all? In Gothenburg we have traditionally been quite good at building cars, the brand of the city is Volvo – you know the truck manufacturer that got Jean-Claude Van Damme to perform his split between two reversing trucks on Youtube. If you like heavy metal you might have heard about the Gothenburg sound, created by some local bands like In flames, At the gates and perhaps Hammerfall. I don’t actually know, for me they sound just the same – from Gothenburg or not. Others might have heard about rock bands like The Soundtrack of our lives, or their predecessor Union carbide productions. Or maybe they’ve heard Jens Lekman and even danced to a hit by Ace of Base (you know “all that she wants is another baby”) in the nineties. Or maybe not… According to Google maps, there also is a town called Gothenburg in Nebraska USA. I haven’t been there enough though, to know for sure if that is a real place.

What would you say if I downloaded your album illegally like everyone else does?

Short answer: I’m a musician – not a police. So if you download it, say illegally, I’m glad you’re showing interest in my music. The illegal thing is something you have to sort out with the police if they catch you. I don’t encourage anyone to break the law, but I don’t by definition judge anyone who does – I’m not perfect myself. The long answer is too long to be sorted out right here and right now.

Are you famous? Have you been on TV?

Wow, that’s two questions, and the first one is really contradictory! If you haven’t heard about me, I’m probably not famous – if you have, I’m famous. And the second question: I don’t watch TV that much, so I don’t know, I have other things to do. Read my blog and you’ll understand, duh.

Why don’t you just go to a studio and make a real album?

I am making a real album, I’m just in various studios, recording whenever I get inspiration, or at least five minutes of peace of mind.




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