I have found a drummer

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Now i have proceeded a bit more with the recordings. I’ve found out that I could use the voice-over booth at work for the vocals. It’s somehow isolated, and it has a Neumann microphone in it – what can go wrong. Well, maybe the phenomenon that you’ll never get happy with your own voice. Some vocal tracks are on place though, even if I might not be satisfied with them when it comes around. But they at least work as a dummy for the drummer – who I finally have found.

I can now announce that my old friend Andreas Purvén will help me out with the drums for the album, which I’m really excited about.

Purre, as everyone calls him, is probably the best drummer I’ve ever played with. His drumming is so alive and forward driving, and he’s capable of giving the music an additional dimension in rhythm and resonance. Through the years we have been listening, playing and living the songs by everything between The Who to The Flying Burrito Brothers and I’ve been very much influenced by his way of absorbing music from all perspectives, not only the rhythm or beat, but also the overall sound and attitude that he can project into the drums in a rare way.

Even if we both lack deeper theoretical base for music, Purre is definitely the caveman of us two when it comes to instinct and musical structure. When recording we must find the perfect point when the song is fresh enough to have the spark, but still mature enough to be in line with the arrangement. It’s a question of maximum three takes. Then the magic is gone.

The two of us met in 1992 when we worked together at a restaurant. We both played in different bands but at that part of life there was a lot of time for additional late night jam sessions and some one night shows at different pubs, and some forgotten recordings made in the twilight zone of four channel cassette recorders and early Cubase versions. And we even did some songs that became a CD for another friend of mine, Peter, who wanted to start some music production business (that’s right – it’s the same Peter that now has gone professional in music management and signed me) He released all this as a band named Timer. I’ll tell you more about this project some other time.

Anyhow, I’m sure all this rather unstructurized jam sessions gave me more than just hangovers. I’m convinced that this period of my life formed me as a musician. It gave me my way of expressing myself through music. Even though I’ve had a lot of influences later on, my way of approaching music haven’t actually changed. I have realized that lately. And that’s why I’m so glad that Purre was available for this right now.

Because the years after I had quit cooking and had become a journalist, we had fewer jam sessions. I started playing bass with Hanif and Purre was the drummer and back-bone of the rhythmic Jamaica influenced dance/rock/reggae collective Kingston Air Force (this is my favorite song of theirs), who played a lot around in Scandinavia in the 00’s.

But since none of these band exist anymore, there obviously was an opening for us to sync some sessions.

This far we have been at Purre’s rehearsal camp, where we have rigged the microphones and recording equipment. And this far it has been just great to hear the music develop, track by track. With the drums on it, it just feels more real than before. and that gives a lot of energy to proceed with the rest.




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