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It suddenly happened…

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After more than a half life of playing and writing music I got myself a record deal. Now, the only thing I have to do is to make a record. Well, and write the songs of course, and find musicians to play them. On this blog you can read how this is developing. My plan is to release the album in September.

You can wonder how this all happened. Exactly, I have tried a lot of strategies and after all rejections, given up, got a family, a daytime job that makes it difficult to imagine low paid (if lucky) late nights on the road. And now, at the age of 42, i get a record company to release my album.
So how did it happen then? To be honest, I’m not sure about the details.

But to begin with, I got drunk. And the record company guy got even more drunk. So forgive me if I’m not getting all the details in place. The other guy (the one that got more drunk, that is) and I met the other day. We have known each other for a long time but we found out that it’s been seven years since we’ve actually met IRL.

I was visiting his hometown and we stopped by at a pub to grab a beer, and catch up on the time past since our last meeting. He said that he now worked full time in the music industry and he had a management agency, a record label and that he travelled all around the world helping artists find their fame.
I said I was writing songs that I started recording.

The more beer we drank, the more impressing our stories became. My friend told me he was a big shot, able to brake anyone, and my songs that I had started recording were practically a complete album – and what a great one it was… We kind of trigged each other to prove himself and I got him saying he could make me a star and call his secretary, from the pub, to print out and bring a contract that i could sign. And I did.

All without him ever hearing the songs. Of course he hadn’t heard anything, there was nothing to hear. I had written a couple of songs, and started to record them. But to say a couple of tracks with acoustic guitarr is an almost complete album is, I admit, a bit of an exaggeration.

So there I am. I have a record deal, but I have no record – yet. And I have no musicians to record them. And frankly, I haven’t even written all the songs yet. That’s what you get for bragging on a pub.

Now I can’t decide which bothers me most: the fact that I have a record deal but no songs or the fact that I didn’t get an A&R drunk to get the deal when I was in my twenties. Instead I tried other ways that seemed more logical then.



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