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Here’s a list of music I’ve been involved in making throughout the years. I admit, the activity hasn’t been too breathtaking, but still, it’s 38 songs all in all.


Kind of angered

This album is pretty much what this blog is about. If you want to read more, start with the first article and proceed one by one and you’ll get to know everything about it…


One way ticket home (2015 EP)

These five songs were recorded the same way I’m doing it right now, except much slower. We had released the previous EP in the spring, and in the summer of 2012 we recorded the first takes of this EP, in the autumn the same year, we recorded the drums and then… well all went just really slowly. Some due to me needing a lot of time to get the guitars the way I wanted, some of the time was spent on other projects. We ended anyhow up with a master mix in december 2014, and just a few days into this year it appeared in public. On this EP, I made one of the songs, Popsong, and the lyrics of Perfect stranger was written by me together with Andreas Magnusson, who wrote the rest of the material. I played bass and electric guitars. Lead vocals on popsong and backing on the rest. I also made the artwork. Me and Andreas mixed it at his home.

Same old story (2012 EP)

This EP took also veeery long time to make. One reason was I needed to practice playing the guitar again after six years of playing the bass. We had no (real) drummer while recording, so we had to find some alternative ways -– Andreas played the kick drum manually with a mallet and I made some snare-like sounds by hitting a congas with brushes. I think we at least found a quite original if not even a good sound on “Love is unequal”. The cover image was taken from my balcony at home.


Oh Lord Jesus Christ Baby (2006 Album)

This was Hanif’s second full-length album and we had spent a lot of effort and money to make our debut album without getting everything back. We got some, but it wouldn’t have been enough to make it the same way again. Instead we decided to use the money to buy the equipment we needed, and do it ourselves. We recorded the drums in a chuch on a eight-channel-tape recorder. The rest was recorded in various places: a sound lab for audio research, my step daughters room when she was away from home and Ismael’s (the drummer’s) livning room where we recorded a whole lot of the backing vocals – just to mention some of them.

On this album I played the bass, banjo, keyboard, accordion and made some backing vocals. I also recorded and mixed it together with Andreas Magnusson. Even if the end result had more ups and downs than our first full length album, I’m really proud of it. We worked our asses off to make it sound good. My personal favourite is I feel better now.

Blame it on El Niño (2004 Album)

This debut album project was started in spring of 2002. We decided symbolically to not make demos anymore and needed therefor start our own record label, Krusty Stills. Then we had to find a producer. We ran into Björn Olsson who was interested in recording us, but he had a tight schedule. We went looking around and visited a couple of studios without exactly getting hooked up when Björn called back and said he’ll have time in the autumn.

We waited til autumn and one week before we were supposed to enter the studio he canceled it – and recommended us to Paul Bothén who said he would like to do it but not before spring (2003 that is). That gave us good time to select songs from our list of more than a hundred candidates.

And then we began the sessions with twelve songs during easter holidays that year and proceeded through summer on various locations. After the summer we got a raw-mix of six songs and then Pual declaired he wouldn’t be able to work with us for a while (half a year as it turned out to be). If it was because of half of the already recorded material didn’t appeal to him or if something else was wrong was unclear. The album-project was however paused.

Quite the same time that we were canceled, Björn Olsson called and said he’d like to make up for his late cancelation a year earlier. So we decided to make a quick recording session while waiting for Mr Bothén. Those recordings became our debut EP-instead of the paused full length album. Read more about that below.

In the spring of 2004 we finally got back on track, as to say, but now we rejected half of the 12 songs we had began to record. Instead we recorded some new songs to make it full length.

We got really good reviews for the album but we never got any radio time to talk about, neither did we manage to get any help on booking, even though we had discussions with two players, and one of them invited us to play as a a support act for Robert Plant. But we never got to business in the end.

Stitch of Happiness (2004 EP)

This EP was what got to be Hanif’s official debut CD – even though we had started the recordings of Blame it on El NIño one year earlier. But while waiting for our producer (read more above), we got a spot with another producer Björn Olsson to make an EP. Those songs were recorded at famous Music-A-Matic studio, where we played live the first day and at Björn’s own studio where we recorded vocals and other add-ons. For instance the banjo on “Void in My heart” was recorded in the stair case to get the right amount of reverb for the production. That song is by the way one of the songs I most enjoyed playing – it’s a shame it didn’t reach out for a wider audience, I think.


What you did to yourself (2009 Song)

On this album I only covering up as bass player on one song while recording other stuff. It’s a nice song, even though the brilliant album name is what I actually remember from this.



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  1. I don’t spotify at all, so the all-digital-material is kind of lost for me. For now that is. I will be pushing for this music among all spotify’ers I know.
    I love the title of the second Hanif album; Oh Lord Jesus Christ Baby, and the cover of the “..el Nino” album, but the true gem of this collection must most naturally be the EP Stitch of Happiness. It is bell clean (klock ren)! It makes me happy whenever I listen to it.

    Rock On Janne!!

    1. Thanks for the sheering!

      Sorry to hear that Spotify don’t work for you, but if it would be an option, you can download the music through iTunes and similar online shops.

      Here is the video song, my first release on my own:

      Here are links to the two EP:s we’ve made with Escalator to nowhere:

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