Multi-tasking to get on track

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It’s been a couple of weeks now since I started this blog, and I have learned about some good and bad sides having it running. The bad side is that my tight schedule for recording the album is even more tight now. The good thing is that it gives me more creative energy to have a clear goal – and it’s much more fun too – despite of the multi-tasking it takes.

In spite of the blogging I have managed to proceed a bit with the recordings. I wish I could say that I have the finishing line in sight, but I’m still far away and I can do nothing but to strive for finishing parts of the project in order to not have everything on my priority list. But that’s not easy. I realize I have to work on many smaller projects at the same time. The blogging is one. Even though run by inspiration, it takes some planning if you want to balance your inspiration to be portioned into an even flow of blog posts and not one now and then – without structure I’m lost, I know myself well enough.

Another thing to have quite high up in your presence is the launch planning and marketing. Even though It’s long time left to the release, you can’t be too early planning this kind of things.

I have also had contact with a possible drummer who might be interested in playing the songs for some beer in exchange. We’re still negotiating on some details regarding this (what sort of beer and how many of them that should not be consumed until after the sessions and so on), but I hope I can tell more soon.

Nevertheless, all these things depend on each other, every part has to be done to make the album as good as it can be.

That’s why I also spend some time with my acoustic guitar, trying to finish the songs and to actually record what’s ready for it. And now I have recorded eight songs with an acoustic guitar track, together with a clicktrack. That makes it possible, whenever negotiated into agreement, to let the drummer do the job and, later on, to record all other instruments and vocals.

This feels really like a turning point for me. I have actually a base for eight songs, and these songs are for me the most important for the album. Now I have decided on the main arrangement, the key, and tempo for all these songs and created the first tracks. Now I can slightly move my focus on recording the vocals and the drums. These will require some efforts to land into tape.

The vocals mainly creatively, since it’s here you tell the story. I need to be really focused and really patient and really work to find the right expression. This is so much the key to a great song I think.

The drums will be an important creative part, but also a logistical challenge. I might have a drummer in sight, but I don’t know yet if we can record it at his rehearsal room, and if we in that case can do it without having to set up and down all equipment after each session. To record drums you will need a bit more stuff to carry around than just a microphone and a laptop. But that’s another story, now I enjoy being finished with the acoustic guitars.

Here’s a first clip of the music for my forthcoming album.