Networking at Live at Heart

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Janne Saaristo playing at the Live at heart festival. Photo by Ulrika Holmberg.
Janne Saaristo playing at the Live at heart festival. Photo by Ulrika Holmberg.

This weekend I’ve been busy playing at the Live at Heart festival i Örebro, Sweden. It’s a showcase festival, which means the concerts are not only public, but the whole festival is visited by a whole bunch of people from the music industry and during daytime there have been seminars about the industry. It’s simply a market place for artists, managers, producers and record labels. Very fun but also a bit odd. Or at least very differnt from what I’m focusing on normally. It’s very theorethic on how to reach out as an artist. I’m more used to be more hands on shaping the actual music, but I guess it’s important to know other sides of your business. And It’s fun too, I’ve been socialising througout the whole weekend – meeting lots of interesting people.

And i also did two shows on stage and one song for local radio broadcasting live from the festival (I hope I can get back with a recording of that performance). The competition was though, more than 200 artists of various kinds and quality. For me it was a really good chance to show off what my songs are about and what they sound like. And I think I’m getting somewhere defining my self as a live artist. I felt quite confident in my relatively new role, and I’m delighted by all positive feedback from all you kind people I had the chance to talk to afterwards.

the downside of this though, is that I’ve lost a whole weekend of mixing, and I’m feeling a bit stressed about finishing everything til the end of this month. Technically there might not be a problem to push the release date a bit (or I haven’t. Actually proclaimed any release date since I haven’t been sure I can make it). But I know that my record label doesn’t want to release the album too close to christmas, when all major labels release and promote their stuff with massive budgets. Therefor the risk is that if I’m running late, even if it a couple of weeks, we might end up with release somewhere after the holidays.

But in the long run, the release date is much less important than the quality of music. I really don’t want to finish in time and later on find that the album didn’t really feel finished.