New single “Waiting for christmas to pass” out now

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Waiting for christmas to pass

Yesterday my christmas single “Waiting for christmas to pass” was released. If you listen to it, you might find it being a slightly untraditional christmas song. You won’t find the usual attributes, even though the tambourine creatively could be mistaken for a jingle bell.

No, this song is rather a channel of frustration after having produced my album for half a year, and realizing I won’t make it til christmas.

The idea for the song came up together with my A&R, Peter Åstedt, when we realized was too far from finished to be released before all major record labels would release their high budget artists, and my would end up drowning in the media stream.

And I know this may sound stupid, even though I’ve learned my creativity works like this, but this made me sad and creatively inspired at the same time. ‘Cause, is there any better inspiration than sadness?

When we came up with the idea of making a christmas single, my reaction was: “I don’t have the time” and at the same time, I thought: “What a good idea for a song,” without ever having the thought I actually would be able to do something out of it. That same night, while preparing for my show at the Live at heart festival (here’s a clip from that gig), instead of rehearsing, I wrote the song. And after that I couldn’t just leave it be…

My friend Purre managed to find a date for recording the drums while asking: “So you have too much to do, and that’s why you’re making one more song?” while shaking his head. But he played well as usual, being a bit disappointed not getting the chance to play any jingle bells – talking me into the compromise of tambourine.

So, what ever you think of the song, I promise it is written and performed by someone who has experienced the song. And that’s also why this blog update, comes one day after the release – because I still have some things to catch up with before I can lean back for christmas.