New songs – keep’em coming

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Last time I updated my blog I was recovering from the christmas-flu, starting to have a some good creative ideas for new songs and recordings. Now, a couple of weeks later I can see the results of that. I’ve gotten into a decent song writing mode and I’m starting to visualize a new album – still only inside my mind, but that’s a good start I think.

That’s right I’ve decided to go for a new album. I think at this stage that I might be able to release it in September/October this year, but I would never promise anything, knowing there are still a lot that can change the scenery. But at least I have a goal set in that direction.

Because I’m long way from having finished the songs, and I still only got acoustic guitar takes and vocals on the songs with lyrics. But mentally I feel that I have enough material to start having a direction, and to start making plans for how to produce the whole album.

And last but not least, it brings a lot of creative energy back to me, hopefully keeping new songs coming my way like they have the past few weeks.

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