I’m off to London

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Tomorrow Wednesday, and the day after I will play in London. It’s my first time playing in the UK, except for being a substitute bass player once for Pinto, making two shows in Liverpool, one at the legendary Cavern. But going alone to make two club concerts by myself in London is something completely different. Or, to be honest, I don’t have an idea of what to expect.

I mean, yes, it’s a great city housing a lot of legendary superstars, undoubtably some due to their work and popularity. But some of the greatest heroes in my book have been really influencing and influenced by the city, once the centre of the world.

Well I’m sure some might object that every second sentence of this blog is praising the American country music and storytelling tradition, but I still claim the Brits sure can too. And that’s where we start talking about why London is completely different to Liverpool. Cause in my book The Stones beats the Beatles every day of week. I mean who of them hang out with Gram Parsons? Do I hear someone objecting that George Harrison hang out with a whole bunch of superstars (even in my book, such as Tom Petty and Bob Dylan)? Yes, but for me George Harrison had his peak with the Traveling Wilburys, way after he had left Liverpool, and the Rolling Stones were good even before they fled the taxman. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Feel free to have your in the commentary field below!

And even though the Stones are/were one of few Brits really making good pace with the Americans there are some that were playing in their own league – not even competeing. Who? Yes of course, The Who, but also The Clash. And even if at least my A&R, Peter, would remind me that The Clash even hadn’t the idea of starting a punk band before they saw The Ramones first London concerts, I claim that in this case the copy, brought punk music much further than their American equivalent.

Another great influence for me has been the Dire Straits, and while packing for London, I can’t help tuning up the Sultans of Swing in my head. Because somehow, in my mind, I imagine I will play in a club exactly like the joint way on down south, London town, whatever it may look like. I’m therefor also prepared for the crowd of young boys fooling around in the corner. After all I’m not playing anything that anyone would call rock n’ roll. But I don’t mind if I don’t make the scene I’ve got a daytime job, I’m doing alright.

So, my expectations are low, I’m prepared for everything, and I really feel like I have nothing to lose. Maybe I should just think like another former Londoner, perhaps the greatest of them all, William Shakespeare. Make sure to show the audience you know the rules, and then break them. Because, you don’t have to sound like a Londoner to play good music. You don’t even need to have an American accent to play country or sing about the rough and romantic south states of the USA. I know how it sounds, but I’m doing my thing.

So if you would have the chance to be in Shoreditch tomorrow or in Dalston on Thursday, You’ll be able to hear what my thing sounds like.

Here’s my playlist for London