One year with a record deal

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Time flies, and still it feels like a universe of time that has passed since I started this blog proclaiming I had got myself a record deal. In clock-time it has been exactly one year today. And it has been a trembling year for sure. The start-up with my first post, where I promised to make a record and write about the process, kind of forced me into really try to fulfill it. For better and for worse. There have been times when I've had serious doubts on myself. There has been times when I have doubted anyone even cared about my project, my thoughts or my music.

But most of all it has been fun, inspirational, and I have truly learned a lot. Not only have I become a better and more confident musician. I have also learned a lot about producing music, writing in English, running and promoting a Facebook page, not to mention the great tips I got from my A&R Peter, and his friend Drew Young, on how to reach out as a 42 years old family father. And to be honest, I learned it might even be a bit more complicated than that. I even think I have learned a lot on how to run and lead creative projects similar to the ones I have at work.

But most of all I have learned I have wonderful friends and family helping me get along, both good days and bad days. And that goes for all musician friends appearing on my album and backing me up on stage. That goes for Peter, even though our creative discussions sometimes have a rather high volume. That goes for my family who not only has had to get a long with less attention from me, but still supporting and engaging in my project. And that goes of course to all friends sheering and supporting me online, and in person whenever the time or place we met. You all have had the good taste and timing to help me get one step further whenever I have needed someone.

Thank you all!

But one year is just one year. One of 43, this far for me. And there will be more, so why don't just get started. Cause another thing I've learned this last year is that if you really live out your creativity, you will be blessed with more ideas along the way. And the more ideas, the more creative energy. And that's why this day will mark a great anniversary indeed, but I won't sit too long thinking back. I have a lot fun ideas to work on.

But that's something you will be able to read about during the my second year as a blogger-musician-producer-whatever. And while waiting for new adventures you'll find a few of my old ones listed below. (the rest is of course available here)


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