My songs: “Popsong”

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This is the oldest of my own songs on my album. Even though it reflects the digital paradigm change in the music industry, it has surprisingly been up to date all the time since I wrote it six years ago for my current project Escalator to nowhere. “Popsong” was also recorded once before and released on our second EP One way ticket home (here’s the previous version on Spotify).

The idea came from reading an article where a spokesperson for one of the major record labels said he was afraid no one would make any music if they wouldn’t get paid. I didn’t think he believed it himself, but I understood why he was saying it. His employer and the whole industry he worked in panicked while their income was practically disappearing.

But I was amused. I thought that the recording industry had got themselves into their situation through greed. While the sales volumes kept sinking, they put their energy on trying to sue their target audiences while crying through their fully owned media channels. And the longer they kept feeling sorry for themselves, the longer it would take until they got ready to face the new world and the new rules of the game (and as I said, this was six years ago…)

Somehow I still wanted to use the rather naive way of thinking – like I imagined had made the guy say we’d run out of music if no one got paid – and analyze what would actually happen if there was no pop, of course letting the answer be, not that bad. I wanted to make fun of people who made their living on something they might have had as a passion, but who had lost it while struggling to make living out of it – while blaming others for their loss of creativity.

Whatever actually would happen if we had no pop we can all be relaxed knowing we won’t run out of it just because people won’t get paid for it the same way they did before. The new distribution methods actually led to much more pop than ever, and that’s good for those who are passionate on pop music.


What if we didn’t have no pop
If the popsong writers just gave up
Popsong supplyment would stop
That would be something

And the popsong singer might just say
I won’t sing if I’m not paid
At least not if I won’t get laid
Just give me something

And the popsong label A&R
Just don’t know how it got this far
I had to sell my Jaguar
Just to get something

And the record store guy had to close
Or start selling pop-related clothes
Or even get a job, who knows
He’ll sure find something

And the popsong critic who for long
Has pointed out what’s right and wrong
Might start to listen to the song
He could learn something

And the popsong fan might just start
To notice music from the heart
Instead of looking at the chart
That would be something


Here’s a video for the song as well:


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