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Oblomov on stage at Pustervik
Oblomov on stage at Pustervik

Sometimes you just need a break. And when you have been working a lot, you sometimes really feel worth a night out just having fun and being inspired. Also, last weekend (Saturday 21st) happened to host two album release-gigs in Gothenburg. So what else can you do than visit both of them if you already have decided to spend the niggt out?

The first release-party was for Oblomov, a band completely consisting of people I earlier played together with in Hanif and Escalator to nowhere. On stage was also Gunnar Frick who plays on my album. Check out Oblomovs album on Spotify!

Being right in the middle of an own production, it’s hard to see anything else than technical details. And of course, being former band mate with the people on stage it’s hard to actually inhale the overall performance or songs, without relating to what I know about the people standing there. But what I know is the effort behind an full length album, and the feeling when you’re finally on stage performing the songs you’ve worked so hard on for so long time. And even if I can’t wait to be there myself, I’m really glad to see I’m going to be there one day not too far away now.

The album, “My empty heart is full of you”, is the band’s second one. What I actually managed to reckon was that they’ve made great progress from the last album “I miss all the days when I missed you”. Even though a strong debut, this follow up is more of a teamwork, and creatively more playful and dynamic. Comparing to my album, I know I will not get close to the clean and smooth sound and beautiful harmonies and their very professional production, but I think mine will be even more dynamic and with more flesh, for good and for bad, at least since I have live drums instead of using drum machines. And I don’t blame them, I know what it takes to make it all the way with live drums when it comes to equipment, time and musicians needing to be tight together. And having a drum machine, Oblomov has definitely made the best possible out of it. But if they had ran into Purre, just like I did, it would have got even better, that’s just what I actually wanted to say…

After watching half of Oblomov’s release show at Pustervik, I split for my second release party. This time I ended up in a small joint in Majorna, where an old punkrocker-singer-songwriter named Krånne, gave a concert celebrating hiw new album, “Nästan som Baretta”. Krånne used to hang out at the same places as I did in the ninties, and we have a lot of friends in common from that time, even though we haven’t hang out the two of us.

Krånne and his band at Hammock in Majorna
Krånne and his band at Hammock in Majorna

Krånne makes warm poetic songs in Swedish, with something called “hög igenkänningsfaktor” (something you highly can relate to), at least if you’re like me, a left over punk-rocker. One of our friends in common is by the way my drummer friend Purre (read more about him here), who played the drums in Krånne’s band this night.

All in all, it was a real blast to get out, not only for the great music, but to meet people, and have a chance to get another angle to music than the parameters on my mixing console, And most of all I’m really thankful for all my encouraging friends I met that night, I really appreciate hearing your out there following my project, that really makes me wanna finish this in style. Thank you everybody!