Slumber party

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I suddenly happened to slumber a bit with my album project. I’ve had a couple of weekends planned for other things, among them, playing at a festival. I have also had quite some rush at work and realizing I won’t make it until it’s too close to christmas, has got me less focused on my recordings. That makes me frustrated, but I try to embrace it, and just accept that it’s the only way to do it. Doing that I see some benefits with being late. I can for instance get some distance to the songs and return to it with a fresh view on them. Not bad after having them very close up in my awareness.

Another good side is that we might be able to promote the album better – the longer time between finishing the album the better, at least when it comes to marketing.

The downside of course, is the waiting. I’m so eager to show the album for all of you and see what you think.

But now I might have the time to plan a good release concert and to get a band together. We’ll see what can be done there. And even though the waiting, I’m planning something fun to do in meantime. So stay tuned.