TBT: Album release from the past

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Tomorrow will be the great day of my album release. While waiting, here’s an old article from the local newspaper in town, about a release with my band at the time, Hanif.

If you never experienced an album release I can tell you it’s wonderful and terrible at the same time. I’m dying to hear your thoughts and at the same time, terrifyed. I’m also eager to finally reach my goal and still afraid of the emptyness that might occure the day after tomorrow.

Somone might object and say it is like having a baby, the birth is just a start, and in the long run, just a part of the whole concept of being a parent. But while a baby has an own strong will to stay alive and grow, my album is totally dependent on you to survive at all. Without anyone paying attention to it, my album will soon be forgotten, it’s simply not enough with me giving it love how ever much that would be.

So that’s why I really hope you think it would be wortwhile to share, like and talk about this album anywhere possible. That would mean a lot to me. And if you also would listen to it, it would mean a small amount of money each time it’s streamed, for instance.

While waiting, you can listen to the actual album we released eleven years ago.