TBT: Hanif, Love is not a big enough word

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This is one of my favorite songs we did with Hanif. Besides beeing a beautiful song, I think we really nailed it in the performance which made it really powerful and dynamic.

My good friend Martin Pålsheden produced the film. He had recently stumbled upon an 8mm camera and had an idea for a video. At that time he hired office space at a film production company and he managed to book us at their studio for free an evening. I recall we had ten 2 minutes tapes to record on and

The recording of the song was made by Björn Olsson, who is one of the most credible music producers in Sweden today. He had quit as a guitarist in both Union carbide productions and The soundtrack of our lives before he started his career as a producer. I remember that he wasn’t too happy with the result when we recorded, he thought we had too little time to make the song justice. But looking at it now, eleven years later, I think the rough proceesed sound with an over use of compression fx:s is not all bad. It somehow expresses the difficulty in saying something that is bigger than just words.