TBT: More brass!

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Here’s an oldie from spring 2004 when my band at the time, Hanif, was about to finish it’s debut full length album to be named Blame it on el nino. On the photo it’s me and the band’s lead guitarist James Kinn waiting for the brass trio, we had hired, to make their magic. And what a performance, they literally blew our minds.

The story behind the ascessories, beer and bananas, is that we had been recording all day and in the afternoon, in time for our scheduled brass session, that was what we found in the local dime store. And beer, bananas and brass was just what I needed to be just as happy as I look like. But if you listen to one of the songs from the recording (Different town for instance), I’m convinced you’ll be happy too. Even if that might not make you go bananas.