TBT: The Tulikivi commercial

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In 2004 My former band Hanif was asked to provide music to a TV commercial. We were about to release our first full length album Blame it on el niño at the time but the ad agency somehow picked an old demo recording of a song that didn’t make it to the album.

The commercial was for a Finnish producer of fire places made of soapstone and the ad was broadcasted in Finnish national TV. Since the recording was rather rough around its edges we never were able to promote the song for radio as it was. And when we recorded our second album, “Oh lord jesus christ baby” we didn’t think we nailed the song and just let it be.

Was it anything good with it then? At least we got some money for letting Tulikivi use the song. For that money we bought some studio equipment. And with that stuff we recorded our second album, and later the stuff has been used for three albums with Pinto, two EPs with Escalator to nowhere. And finally, the very same recording equipment is the same I’m using for my recordings (read more about the equipment by clicking here).