The start of something new

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Have you ever got the feeling you just don’t feel for doing something? Even if you really want, you kind of feel that you just can’t find the energy for it. Or maybe you even feel you’re just not able to do something you know you can. That seems to have happened for me with my music. Luckily, in this case as in many other, you can get back on track after just doing something else for a while.

Lately I’ve been actually doing pretty much nothing, if that would qualify as “something else”. I’ve had my summer vacation and after having spent that in my summer house, without internet and television, I feel kind of set for some new blogging and musical adventures.

So, what’s up then? After my album release last winter and all the promotion we made I guess I have now mentally moved on to something new, however that will end up. And naturally I’m not just closing my album but looking for some possible live events to take part in. But at the same time I have started to plan for a new album. Or at least I have started writing songs.

I think this pause made me feel hungry for being creative again. And currently my head is being full of ideas for songs, and everywhere I look, hear, see and read, something that I evaluate as a potential subject for a song. I have written a couple, and I have a couple more rather clear ideas to make songs on, but if I compare with how I felt when I started the recordings last time, I’m much more confident about being able to make the songs good now. I am also more confident in the whole process, knowing I will be able to record the songs, and make them sound good. And I know that if I’m just doing creative stuff, I will come up with more good ideas.

In short, it’s a very good feeling.

The only thing I possibly could be stressed about is, as usual, the shortage of time when having a full time job and a family to run. On the other hand I cannot just think without any deadline, that way I would never be finished. I guess I have to find a good balance somewhere in between.