Under cover production

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Justus Hultgren helping me out with my album cover.
My colleague Justus Hultgren helping me out with my album cover.

After finishing my recordings I have now also made a cover for it. My colleague Justus Hultgren has been very helpful brainstorming and preparing it and the photo shoot was made in his atelier at his home.

I had a feeling the cover should somehow reflect the stories in the songs and after some discussing, we ended up making a collage of stuff he had, making it a subtle and rather abstract cover – somehow crazy, but I really like it.

And even though Justus wouldn’t take any cred for being part of creating the cover, I am really thankful for the creative input, that when it comes to Justus, is always very inspirational and fun.

Justus is is just like me creative both at work and in his spare time. When he’s not making illustrations and magazines during daytime, he’s making art, both paintings and sculpture, often made in wood. Checkout his page.