What’s left to record

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Now it’s been a while again since the last update on the recordings. You might think that I’ve been busy making a video and promoting it on Youtube, but not just that, I have also made quite some progress with my recordings. I just failed updating about it on my blog.

It’s really starting to move now, not just because of a press release and a video, that’s been made available as a song on Spotify and iTunes and more, and the booking at Live at Heart festival in a couple of weeks. But I’m really starting to get close the final takes for the album. Above is a list of what’s left to record.

It’s mainly backing vocals and some additional stuff, that hopefully will give the songs a bit of a charachter. Some stuff might not be of utter importance, but if it would add something nice to it, I’ll at least give it a try.

My estimate is eleven more features to add, while two of the songs are ready for mixing. But I constantly change my mind which might end up in more or less to record. However, I’m getting closer to the point where I just have to draw a line and define the recordings as finished. I feel quite confident overall, but yet I have doubts, and I’m also a bit stressed about the fact that I soon will have to pass the point of no return and just close the whole thing down…

Bu t first a recap on what’s going on lately (except the updates on promotion). Since it’s been Swedish holiday season lately, I have been able to record some at work, without disturbing anyone. As I work at a content marketing agency where we produce some webb-TV for our customers, we also have a small studio booth, mainly for voice overs. I discovered that it’s also very suitable for recording vocals of all kinds through the Neumann-michrophone living in there. The booth has also room for a guitar amplifier that can be set on a quite high volume before anyone outside the booth gets a clue about what’s going on inside – unless you’re in the cutting room where the cables from the booth lead.

Since I didn’t want to spend my whole holiday at work (even though I’m not actually doing any regular work), I have also recorded some electric guitar and dobro at home. During those sessions I’ve had the amplifier in the upper floor wardrobe (if you remember, the acoustic guitar was recorded in the other wardrobe, under the stairs), since it’s located strategically far from any neighbourghs apartments. Bu this can only be done daytime since my daughter’s bedroom is right behind one of the walls. Well, one has to find the ways if they are not obvious enough form the beginning.

Since I guess there’s already quite much of me performing on the album, I have thought about adding some voices for the backing vocals. I have had some contact with possible singers but I’ll get back when everything starts to roll.