So what’s my story then?

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So, it’s been a while, I see. I’ve been busy recording my next album, and sometimes that makes one so carried away that the blog falls a bit out of sight. And that’s how it should be: let the creativity carry you away to higher levels…

But now I have some thoughts I’d like to share. Because most of the work when making an album is about thinking, making decisions: what’s good, what’s bad, how does it feel, does that sound like me. And wise from experience, I’ve learned that having a general compass for your production, will help you make the more detailed decisions easier whenever they occur.

For me it is pretty much about keeping contact with my original idea with all this recording and writing songs, when entering different roles in the production. As I have described earlier on this blog, I’m doing practically everything of the production myself, except playing some instruments instruments and final mastering. And there are many roles to apply for a music production, of which everyone has a certain function. The recording technician, mixing engineer, producer, musicians (of who’s different roles I already have discussed here). And then you also have the composer/author role that somehow must be visible all over the production time to assure the idea of the songs will follow the songs throughout the process.

And even if I’m in charge of the roles, they still can be in conflict with each other. But instead of a loud discussion or subtle intrigues between co-workers, all this happens inside my head. Weird, huh? And if I don’t have multi personality tendencies inside my head, there also are the less inspiring parts of the production that just needs its fair share of TLC to make the end result feel right – I mean, you can’t always see the meaning of the whole when digging deep into some detail. And that’s why you wan’t to define your vision to have it as a structural aid when you’re lacking inspiration.

So, what’s my story then? First of all I really enjoy playing music, obviously. But that’s not enough reason for playing in front of an audience, or spending my precious spare hours in a hectic everyday life, in front of a recorder, or even less, writing a blog about it. Of course not, and I’m honest about that this project is partly about myself trying to achieve something, learn to be an independent solo artist, and so on. You can call it mid life crisis therapy if you want, that’s OK for me.

But I also think there is a need for more people to express their thoughts, share it with other people – to listen and learn from each other. And if I can reach out to some people and maybe inspire them to express themselves, perhaps I can learn something too.

But aren’t there a lot of people doing the same thing that I am  – why should anyone listen to Janne Saaristo? This is eventually something for other people to answer. But I believe if I’m making music expressing my honest thoughts, and making it sound like something I would like to listen to myself, using influences that I really like, not what may be trendy at the moment, I think I really can reach out to people. Then I don’t know if it is a few people or many, and It may take some time to find everyone who would be possibly interested in hearing my thoughts and music. And it doesn’t stress me as long as I have a vision of how I want the end result to express my thoughts.

I see all this turned in to some sort of theoretic mumbo jumbo, and no talking about music. Well to compensate for that, here’s a list of songs that have past my ears lately. The songs in the playlist are sort of the soundtrack of the brainstorming going on while trying to finalize my songwriting and getting started with recording them. Perhaps you will find some sounds, ideas, whatever, on my next album, I don’t know. But I know I at least have enjoyed listening to these songs lately.

My current playlist April 2017