First tracks for… something!?

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Last week I was out on a business trip to Lund, some hours driving south from home. As I needed to stay there for the night I couldn’t help myself from using the free evening to some recording at the hotel room. The first tracks for something that I just don’t know what it’s gonna be.

Actually I’ve been in the mood for recording some new songs, and I’ve had the occasion a couple of times. But somehow I just didin’t manage to focus my self, into recording mode, until now, that is. I reckon the feeling from when I made my first album, that I was a little bit afraid of ending up in front of the microphone facing the red recording light. As I finally did it this time, I got to think of what effort it takes to make just one take (I managed to make two acoustic guitar tracks). You need to be fully focused on just this one thing – landing your creativity on a harddrive, with your guitar as your tool.

And sometimes, when any friction occurs, it just takes so much energy to make it exactly as you want it. And knowing about the friction, I had a mental barrier to even dare to get started, that I had two failuring sessions before I finally got something on tape. It’s hard to explain it, as when you hear it being as it should be, no one will ever reflect on the effort behind the recording.

But, now I at least have the first tracks, and what ever comes after, I will write about it here on this blog.



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