My songs: “The other side”

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The other side tells a rather personal story. It spans from my late teen years to present. It shows some momentary phases of my life where I have been frustarted for some reason, on the bottom line I guess, the same reason: some kind of desire of seeking something new, and having to fight for it. All three phases, divided in each verse in the song, also has some sort of vanity, feeling of not belonging and not having access, in common. And looking back at it, I guess I have managed to break some new ground through those years, not necessary to the better every time.

I came up with the idea for this song two years ago now, and when I started seeing my past as a possible subject for stories to write down in song-format I somehow started to believe I could write a whole album myself.

And that’s what led to the whole project ending up in my debut soloalbum, Kind of angered.

The album title comes by the way from a phrase in this song. The meaning of it is somewhat double – we were obviously having a punk band being moderately angry, but not enough to tell genuine punk stories in the long run. But at the time I also lived in the concrete suburb named Angered, which was pretty much my universe at that time. And I guess, trying to get away from there was my most sincere source of anger – ironically. But I learned better tactics for that than screaming it with a decreasing enthusiasm on stage. And I guess it worked for that purpose.

When I got to record this song. I thought I wanted it to sound somewhere in the twilight zone of country, rock and with a slight punk flavour. As I recorded the acoustic guitar and vocals first for all my songs on the album, it first sounded pretty much country-rock. And with the drums I was first a bit afraid the sound would be too loud and messy for my idea of what I wanted it to sound, but after listening to it I realized Purre’s way of playing drums was really adding creativity to the whole album. And I just embraced it and trusted it woukd fit in the end – and I’m glad I did. When Gunnar finally made the steel guitar takes, he nailed the perfect country touch to it, giving it the perfect sound I was looking for.

The icing on the cake, was when my brother, mentioned in the text, accepted to help me with the backing vocals.

The other side

I started out with my brother and a friend who played the drums
We played covers and later we wrote peculiar songs
We were punkers and funkers and metal drunkards and some mainstream rock n’ roll bands
We had a bunker where no one could hear our lonely jams

We were kind of angered but we didn’t know what for
I guess we were not brave enough to cry
Maybe we had everything, but still we wanted more
And the concrete seemed less gray on the other side

I picked up my studies, and my brother had a son
My teenage rebellion days were considered done
I hang out with some other friends, and we all moved into town
Trying to be the most educated clown

While we were singing bright and clear the brats were out of key
I didn’t think they ever even tried
And even if their hillbilly-pop weren’t smart enough for me
They all looked much more cool on the other side

I ended up with a budget, in a sweatshop making puns
With a management by”Hey we’re having fun”
We were doers and screwers and I-din’t-do-its and the always-almost-dones
We were worth nothing more than our last deliverance

In a tiny urban bubble
waiting for to break
It will if we don’t run to make it fly
Or maybe we’re just afraid that someone finds out we’re fake
Just like we did way back on the other side
Just like we did way back on the other side
You’ll always find another other side